Get your parcels delivered with

Moevd Parcel offers instant delivery for your urgent items. We pick-up and deliver the items based on the locations selected by customers. Suitable for your personal or business needs and enjoy.

Fast & Reliable

Competitive Rates

Timely Delivery

Peace of Mind 

Moevd Parcel Rates & Size

Rate from RM7 (Up to 3km) Additional per km: RM1

Max Carriage Dimension: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm Max Weight: 60kg

Rate from RM5 (Up to 3km) Additional per km: RM0.80

Max Carriage Dimension: 36cm x 36cm x 36cm Max Weight: 12kg

Use Moevd Parcel in 6 easy steps!

Select Moevd Parcel on the App

Choose vehicle type

Key in pick- up and drop off locations

Fill in recipient information 

Confirm your order and get driver

Track your delivery 

Download the Moevd app now!

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